Basic rules of edition

As mentioned in the Main page, this site follows the most pure wiki spirit. Thus, please feel free to contribute to this Web site by adding information to the collection of references and projects cited here, or by sharing your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the RM-ODP community using the proper sections.
However, please consider the following rules in order to maintain this site structured and useful:
  • You must be a registered user to edit any page. Visitors are only able to read the content of the wiki.
  • Please, use an intuitive nick or indicate your full name during the registration.
  • Both the Main page and this page cannot be edited by normal users (only by administrators).
  • Please, try to minimize the number of links or references to the same resource. Do not duplicate information. Instead, use internal links to refer to the same topic, resource or external link. In this way, it will be easier to manage and to read this Wiki.
  • Note that the Navigation menu provides the main structure of this site. These sections can be considered asmicrosites related to ODP-specific contents. Please, try to add your contribution in the most suitable place:
    • ODP Community portal. This place contains information about people, contacts and iniciatives around the ODP world.
    • Events & Conferences on ODP. This page contains information about past, present and future events around ODP and other related topics. Feel free to include your announcements here.
    • ODP Resources. Anything your want to download or make available to others should be placed here.
    • Discussion topics. Do you want to discuss or express your view about some ODP-related topic? This is your microsite.

Contact information

This wiki site is hosted by Wikispaces. Please, consider that this is not any institutional iniciative. Therefore, a full-time technical support is not guaranteed.
If you have any suggestion, please contact the wiki administrator [1].